Prepare build environment on Windows platform

This article explains how to prepare a build environment to build on Windows platform. After completion of steps below you will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Change ECOS configuration
  • Build ECOS libraries
  • Build OpenRtls Application for a Tag
  • Build OpenRtls BootLoader for a Tag

Install Cygwin

The OpenRtls software stack can be built under Cygwin environment. At this moment, (May-2015) Cygwin provides two versions of environments: 32 and 64 bit version. Please, download and install 32 bit version, since 64 bit version is not compatible with ECOS tool-chain being installed later.

The process of Cygwin installation is already explained in detail and we will not discuss it here.

Install additional packages for Cygwin

During (or after) Cygwin installation, install extra packages

  • wget
  • gcccore
  • libexpat1
  • tcl
  • make
  • patch
  • sharutils

Packages may be installed by invoking Cygwin setup program again.

Configure proxy settings for users behind firewall

The rest of installation will require download of software from different locations. Users behind firewall need to setup their proxy settings by setting environment variables in Cygwin.

export http_proxy=''
export ftp_proxy=''

Install ECOS toolchain

ECOS tool-chain installation is very much automated. First, we will make a directory for downloading a tool-chain.

mkdir ~/ecos_temp
cd ~/ecos_temp

Now, download an ECOS install script

wget --passive-ftp

Execute ECOS install script

sh ecos-install.tcl

The install script will ask for installation directory, please select default location by pressing ENTER on question below

Please select a directory for installation
[Default /opt/ecos]:

The required toolchain is armeabi

[*] armeabi
[2] armelf (old)
[3] i386elf
[4] m68kelf
[5] mipsisa32elf
[6] powerpceabi
[7] shelf
[q] Finish selecting GNU tools

Once tool-chain is installed, add path to it in .bashrc


Since OpenRtls is distributing ECOS code themselves, add the following environment variable as well


Note: The ECOS_REPOSITORY should be given in Windows notation (c:\...)

Patch ECOS toolchain with latest snapshot build

Download ECOS tools (configtool, ecosconfig and ser_filter). Those are statically built with cygwin libraries. Extract them to the:


Though, tools are statically linked, they are linked against older cygwin distribution. To ensure startup of ECOS tools, execute

cp -f /bin/cygmpc-3.dll /bin/cygmpc-1.dll
cp -f /bin/cyggmp-10.dll /bin/cyggmp-3.dll

Verify proper ECOS installation

Run command

$ ./ecosconfig.exe
Usage: ecosconfig [ qualifier ... ] [ command ]
  commands are:
    list                                       : list repository contents
    new TARGET [ TEMPLATE [ VERSION ] ]        : create a configuration
    target TARGET                              : change the target hardware

If the command prints an output, then the installation is operational.