Real-time operating system for embedded devices.

The git repository '120-ecos-current' contains the board support packages (BSP) for the Tag, Anchor and Master/Gateway

The following environment variables must be set:

export GIT=/home/generic/      [location of the git projects]
export ECOS=$GIT/120-ecos-current
export PATH=$PATH:$ECOS/host/tools/bin
export ECOS_REPOSITORY=$ECOS/packages

Also the cross-compiler 'arm-eabi' must be in the PATH variable. Please download ecos-gnutools-arm-eabi, unpack it into your system and set properly the path

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/ecos-gnutools/arm-eabi/bin

Compilation of RTLS firmware for a tag

  • Build eCos tree for TagKiwi:
$ cd 120-ecos-current/work
$ ./ tagkiwi

If necessary the Tag options can be modified using configtool

$ cd 120-ecos-current/work
$ configtool tagkiwi.ecc

The RTLS firmware of the tag is stored in the FW2 section. IMPORTANT: Do not overwrite data in the other sections unless you have scripts and binaries to recover them. Compile and load RTLS firmware to the tag

$ cd 810-rdk/ecos/app/rtls-core/
$ make -f Makefile.tag INSTALL_DIR=$GIT/120-ecos-current/work/tagkiwi_install/ compile_load_fw2